Experience digg in a whole new way with DiggThumbs!

DiggThumbs, a Firefox plugin, adds website screenshot thumbnails to each and every digg listing. Know what you are clicking on before you click it. Screenshots dynamically generated by WebShotsPro.com

version notes:

1.14 - Fixed several bugs involving short descriptions, video thumbs, and my #1 items on digg.com
1.13 - Updated to post on mozdev
1.12 - Initial release to digg.com
Thanks for trying the beta of our new website WebShotsPro.com. This site has been set up to generate screenshot thumbnails of any url. These thumbnails are useful for posting on blogs, on link lists like digg, next to search results, and in lots of other places.

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We have created a fully automated distributed system for capturing screenshots from websites. You can read more about how it works on our FAQ.